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 | Post date: 2022/07/31 | 
The Institute of Cultural and Social Studies was established as an advisory organ for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in October 2003 with the objective of conducting research in the cultural and social fields of higher education as well as “the development and promotion of humanities and social sciences”. The initial idea of establishing this research institute in the field of cultural and social studies, with a focus on the academic requirements of the country, was derived from the researches and studies that were conducted in the Office of Social Planning and Cultural Studies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The Institute of Cultural and Social Studies was founded in response to the need to conduct research and studies with the goal of developing theories, ideas, and strategies for the decision-making system, as well as the need for a continuous communication with experts and elites and the establishment of a convenient space for analysis and theorizing the Iranian higher education system. After about 17 years of activity, the Higher Education Development and Planning Council stated its definite agreement to promote the institute on November 2019 and launch of two new groups  of “Science and Technology Studies and ‎‎“Communications and Virtual Space Studies”.  This is an institute with a permanent commission and an independent board of trustees; established faculty members, professors, and researchers in the humanities and social sciences from the country's universities and research centers, as well as specialized employees and experts, who are the most important pillars of the institution's identity. The council of the institute is the highest ranking organ of the institute's research decisions, which consists of 9 to 11 members with at least 2 external members.

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